180 days of learning

180 days of learning

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August 17, 2012

Eager, scared, excited, confused, nervous, joyful, enthusiastic.  These are all words that describe different fifth grade students who entered the hallways of Riverside this week.  A new school, new teachers, new principals, and new classmates all around.  The anticipation on the kids faces is exciting each year.  As a teacher, I am excited and nervous as well.  Am I making the impression on these kids that I want to make?  Are we all going to get along with each other?  Are we all up for the challenge?
    This year brings more change in one year then I think I have ever had to deal with but after the first three days, I think my class is going to get me through it.  Their adorable faces and their excitement for what is to come is contagious.  We are anxiously awaiting the MacBooks and they have a million questions.  I am excited to have them watch their first podcast and begin to work on their first project.  I know that these students will teach me so much in the next 180 days of school.  
    Every year we have the conversation about math and if they love, like or hate it.  Each year we talk about how my hope is that they like it a little more then they do now and if they now, hate it we fix that and they can at least tolerate it.  After a few days of community building and get to know you activities, I can tell that this is going to be a great year! This years group is excited about what is to come.  Can’t you tell from how hard they are working?

Class busy at work.

Terri Dennie is a fifth grade math teacher at Riverside Intermediate School.  She is beginning her 18th year of teaching.  Math is her favorite subject.  She tries to integrate technology into her classroom whenever possible. 


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