180 days of learning

180 days of learning

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Let’s get EXCITED about Friday…

August 24, 2012

Wow! What a day! A typical day for me starts at 5:15am; I’m at school by 6:15 am getting set for the day. I have all of my plans for the day laid out (both 7th and 8th grade that is!) by 7:00 am. I am eagerly anticipating the start of first hour to see if everything works! If you haven’t caught my drift, I am EXCITED to come to work each morning bright and early. I am EXCITED to watch my kids connect science to the world around them. I am EXCITED to see my kids engaged in their learning. I am EXCITED to be a teacher at Lincoln Junior High.

This excitement doesn’t end when the bell rings and my first students enter the room. No, they are EXCITED to see what I’ve “cooked up” for them to do that day.  They are EXCITED to see how I am going to prove to them that science is real, relevant, and necessary! This excitement is what drives my instruction, my planning, and everything I do at school.

My task for today was to make the scientific method a “real-life” learning experience.  I didn’t just want to show them a lab and have them highlight the different steps in the scientific method. I wanted them to use the method to solve a realistic, everyday problem without knowing they were using that.  I took two different approaches. Here’s how it worked.

With my 7th graders we started by not identifying the problem and jumping right into a student led experiment. They had to write down one plan for the weekend and we mixed them up and redistributed them to various students in the class. The goaI was to get everyone’s card back to them quickly and efficiently. I gave minimal prompting and students had to use a google form and react to the live feed up on my screen to get the cards back to the right students. After everyone had their slip back students reflected in a group discussion. I questioned students and challenged them to identify the different steps of the scientific method they had just used. Every class period was able to identify every step of the method and apply it to what they had just done. I was EXCITED!

With my 8th graders we visited a website created by Rice University that uses the commonly known show CSI to show students how forensic science and solving a case follows the steps of the scientific method. They were paired up and worked through one of four cases presented. After they explored and worked for about 15 minutes we stopped and discussed what steps we had seen so far. They were amazed at the direct correlations to a real-life job! Once again I was EXCITED!

We didn’t do anything crazy or out of the ordinary with technology in my room today, but I have found I have stopped trying to “surprise” students with something “fun” to do with our available technology. Instead, I try and bring the real world to my classroom and get my students EXCITED about science; I do this through our available technology.

Yes it has been a long day, but I am EXCITED to get up early tomorrow morning and do it all over again!


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