180 days of learning

180 days of learning

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Kids don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care!!!

August 27, 2012

I believe all students can learn.
I believe all students have a right to feel good about themselves.
I believe that all students deserve to spend their day in a positive atmosphere which allows them to become as successful as possible in school and in life.

What does learning look like for our students? You might not see a traditional looking classroom. You might see students sitting in rolling chairs, rocking chairs, comfy chairs, on the floor or at tables.

You may see students working on their Macbooks. Some may be using headphones to block out distractions, working on iPads, iPods, or writing on good old paper.

You may see students working with staff, working individually, in a small group, or with a partner.

In our room everyone is not always doing the same kind of work or using the same method to showcase student learning.

You may hear a student request to go to “Sensory” to use some of their  “Strategies” in order to deescalate an emotion they are dealing with or to release energy that is keeping them from concentrating.

We develop a relationship with our students which allows us to encourage and support them in the education process.

By the time many of our students advance to the Jr. High level they have experienced failure and disappointment in school.They are not generally self motivated to learn and we as staff have the job of recharging them and setting them on a course for attaining a  high school diploma.

Technology has become a critical resource and motivator for our students. Student who would never complete a worksheet are engaged in assignments when using their Macbooks.

You will see students recording and listening to their reading to improve fluency, answering focus questions with the use of Socrative for reading class, posting on a class blog, using Kahn Academy for math remediation, and posting to My Big Campus to discuss a topic with students in a Facebook fashion. These are only a fraction of the resources technology has made available to us to engage students in the learning process.




-Suze is a Special Education teacher at Lincoln Jr. High.


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