180 days of learning

180 days of learning

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An Orchestra Period in the Life of Matt Scutchfield

August 30, 2012

In orchestra this year, the term “back to basics” was brought up, and essentially, that has been the beginning part of this year.  In class with Mrs. Kallenberg, we have a “technique of the week.”  The first technique was posture, and has continued to be the technique for two weeks due to all the students needing some posture correction, as well as how important playing with posture is in the long run (less pain, better tone, etc.) Each class begins with warming up on posture and scales, which are changed rhythmically each day.  Besides this, we have started working on four pieces already, which will be assembled for a concert at some point. Most of the repertoire is modern, making performances interesting for the audience instead of playing pieces that everyone has played over and over.

– PHS Senior Matt Scutchfield

Watch the video below to see a demonstration in posture, Matt as the instructor, and Matt reflecting on orchestra class. The video includes snippets from Matt’s 12-track album Going Places.

Matt Scutchfield is a multi-instrumentalist performing bluegrass, jazz, blues, folk, rock, pop, world, and improvisational musics. He’s also a composer, and has composed several caprices & opuses and one symphony. [from mattscutchfield.bandcamp.com]

Jodi Kallenberg teaches orchestra at the Lincoln Jr. High and Plymouth High School.

Kyle Coffman is assistant principal at Plymouth High School.


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