180 days of learning

180 days of learning

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New Books at Jefferson!

September 17, 2012

Jefferson got a new shipment of books Monday, Sept. 17, 2012, and included are some of my very favorites including Dr. Seuss’ Sneeches and Other Stories and Material World: A Global Family Portrait by Peter Menzel that shows families from all over the world outside their traditional dwelling with ALL their possessions.

As an Information Literacy Assistant I do technology and run the library in the building. It’s a fun job that combines the creativity with techie skills, but sometimes we have to make hard decisions in life so this is my last week here — I’m leaving for full-time work. BUT today was a great day to be at Jefferson, the little school in the park. I got a new shipment of some of my favorite books for the library including Material World, photos and essays of families all over the world with all their possessions outside their dwelling. I also got to read to about five classes (with voices, of course!) Lousy, Rotten, Stinkin’ Grapes by Margie Palatini, whom I got to meet last year and who autographed the book for Jefferson. I also peeked in on Sara Spasic’s second-grade Skype session with a classroom in Arizona, finished the inventory for our 1:1 Macs, provided curriculum for Mrs. Stewart’s first-grade on proper computer use and care and shelved about 300 books. What a Monday! Bye Jefferson!

Amanda Petrucelli, Library Assistant at Jefferson Elementary


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