180 days of learning

180 days of learning

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The Wedding Planner

September 24, 2012

In Mr. Delp’s classroom in the School of Inquiry, we have been working on a wedding project. We have now finished all the research for this project. I’m going to walk you through what exactly we had to do to complete it and get along in the process. For my group splitting things up into parts was what we found easiest. If someone didn’t get their work done, we would all help each other the next day and complete whatever was assigned. This wedding project required line graphs, research, and mathematical tables. We had to come up with the prices for a wedding reception, DJ, catering, and the rehearsal dinner. To accomplish these tasks we had to come up with the average costs of different restaurants that we thought would be necessary for our certain occasion, then we had to choose what restaurant was the best for our wedding.

My group did pretty well with getting along, I mean we had a few rough spots, but we moved on. You have to have the mentality of “I’m going to do great today, today will be grand”, in order for you to win at life. You have to respect those around you and get your work done on time everyday something is assigned.  In doing this, you’ll be successful!  This project ties into problem based learning, because PrBL is all about working together and completing successful projects.  The School of Inquiry will help us all achieve our goals at some point in our life.  The facilitators in the School of Inquiry are preparing us for a very bright future.  By the time we are all out of high school, we will definitely be ready for college!  Project and problem based learning is showing us how to live successfully, as well as how to work and get along with others in the world. This essential skill is necessary in order to be a positive contributor in the future workforce.

My name is Kiara Meadors and I want to pursue an active career in journalism. I love writing everywhere I go! I write about simple things like flowers, to gigantic topics like world hunger. I enjoy writing stories, poems, songs, journal entries, essays, speech’s, clips for a newspaper, or anything else you could possibly think of. Writing is my thing and I am a member of the School of Inquiry’s class of 2016.


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