180 days of learning

180 days of learning

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Coming down to Earth – Google Earth

September 28, 2012 , , ,

Students used Google Earth to learn about business organizations in an Economics course.  Each team chose an area of Plymouth to investigate different businesses that are proprietorships, partnerships, corporations, and franchises.

Plymouth Businesses

Sections assigned to students

Google Earth PinAfter choosing a business, students “pinned” their business and wrote in the description box about characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages of that type of business organization.  They emailed this “pin” area to the teacher.  Other students could import this file into their own “My Places” in Google Earth so they were all together.

Google Earth Street ViewThe next cool part of the project was screen recording a street view of their business.  The writing piece of the project involved sharing a script in Google docs which they used for a voice-over in iMovie.  This incorporates technology, writing, voice, and a visual presentation while learning the content.

YouTube Logo An extra added bonus to this crazy project is I’m having students upload their videos into their YouTube channel and send me the URL so I could house all of them in a Business Organization Playlist in my own YouTube channel.  It is a great place to gather all the projects for me to grade and for students to access for review and peer editing.  I love this stuff!

Here’s an example:

Students used Google Earth to present their chosen business to compare and contrast different business organizations in an Economics course.


Janice Curtis, Technology Curriculum Director is housed at Plymouth High School and is currently teaching one section of an Economics course using a blended learning model (a combo of online and face to face).


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