180 days of learning

180 days of learning

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Play Like a Champion

October 1, 2012


So, what does it mean to “Play Like a Champion”?  I recently had the privilege of listening to a very wise man speak on this topic.  I started thinking about all the ways I do “play like a champion” and in all the ways I can step up my game and truly “Play Like a Champion.”

A teacher takes on many roles.  We are educator, parent, care-giver, coach, leader, confidant, cheer squad . . . the list is truly long.  I started to think about all the ways that I am a coach to my students.  I give them the best equipment, show them effective plays, walk them through the steps of the play over and over again until it is perfected . . . but even bigger than that, is my role as motivator.  When a good coach motivates, he or she gets more effort from the team.  A good coach can build you up and instill a sense of conquering the world!  I take this role very seriously when working with the hearts and minds of these young adolescents.  Because at the end of the day, the words I use and the motivation I instill, it really matters!   In every role I play, it matters that I support, praise, build-up, cheer-on, and show approval.  When a student has confidence, he has already won a part of the battle.

So, I am working hard to motivate my students to give their best effort in every element of their education.  Give it all you’ve got . . . because the steps you take everyday, point you in one direction or another . . . and the direction you go really matters!  So, I am playing like a champion as a teacher, and leading my students in the direction to play like champions in life . . . starting in the classroom.


Submitted by Shelly Record, 6th Grade Language Arts Teacher at Riverside Intermediate School.  Shelly has taught language arts for 12 years in Plymouth Schools. 


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