180 days of learning

180 days of learning

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1st Graders Want to Give Back

October 18, 2012

One of the great things about teaching kids at any age is that they are so eager to give back, and help others in any way that they can. Right now in First Grade at Washington, our students are exploring how they can give back to people recently affected by Hurricane Issac. It’s an extension of our current  hurricane project (How Hurricanes Affect the World Around Us). After skyping with some collage students from St. John’s Parish in Louisiana, the students started brainstorming.

After the Skype, we held a town hall meeting in our Wildcat room to brainstorm how we can help.

After we developed a list of ideas, we headed back to our classrooms to vote. My students used their IPADs, a QR code, and a google form, to express their opinions. Here is an example of some of the responses.

Together we will find out which idea got the most votes, and start our plan. We also have been working on a website about hurricanes (for first grade students, by first grade students). Check it out here. We will be presenting this website on Friday to our 4th grade ambassadors! So much learning in Fabulous First Grade! Here is a video of us practicing our presentations for Friday

Posted by Jenny Mevis, 1st Grade PBL Teacher, Washington Discovery Academy


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