180 days of learning

180 days of learning

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The Election and Persuasive Writing

November 2, 2012

Matthew, Jordan, and Kimberly work together to analyze the campaign ads.

Has anyone heard of this little event coming up in the next few days called “The Election?” Well it seems like there is evidence of the upcoming election all around us, so I thought this would be a great opportunity to integrate it into the classroom. My fourth grade students have been learning about persuasive writing. The election provides us with the opportunity to look at current campaign ads to determine what they are trying to persuade us to do as voters and the evidence that supports it. Students were given four different campaign ads that they were supposed to analyze in their cooperative groups. The first step that each group needed to take was to determine whether the candidate took a positive or negative approach with their ad. Once the groups figured out the type of ad they watched, they took notes on at least three reasons the ad was trying to persuade them to vote or not vote for a particular candidate. After this task was completed in our groups, students were assigned the task of learning more about either President Barack Obama or Mitt Romney. Our Scholastic News recently had an article that gave each of the candidates’ views on the four biggest issues for the current campaign.  Students are currently putting together their own campaign video to persuade voters to vote for their candidate based on the details they read about from the Scholastic News article.

Mrs. Kristy Gawronski is a fourth grade teacher at Webster Elementary.

Alejandro, Sean, and Jessie gather their evidence to support why voters should choose a specific candidate.


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