180 days of learning

180 days of learning

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Understanding the election process

November 8, 2012

The 2012 election is now behind us, but the Riverside fifth-graders learned lots about our state and federal governments and the election process that will benefit them greatly when they are old enough to exercise their right to vote. In addition to learning about the governments and the election process, the fifth-graders had an opportunity to campaign and run for vice president of Riverside. One of those fifth-grade students was Matthew Gerard. Here is his campaign video:

Matthew’s desire to run for and become Riverside’s vice president stems from his desire “to be a leader” and “help people by changing and creating rules.” When asked what one rule he would like to change or implement at Riverside, he responded decisively. “When I think of playgrounds, I think of running. It is, after all, a playground. Running is playing. If you think about it, the word ‘run’ can be created from the word playground.” Changing some of the playground rules is only the beginning. Matthew understands that his chances of earning one of the vice presidential nominee spots depend upon how well he advocates for the needs of his fellow students. Among the other things Matthew would like to see change are some of the computer rules, cafeteria procedures, more challenging schoolwork for students, and the school song. “Making Riverside a better place for kids” is the driving force behind Matthew’s ideas for change.

When asked what he specifically has learned about government and the election process, Matthew received clarity on the presidential voting process. “It’s not a popular vote. It’s all about the electoral votes from each state. Those votes determine our president.”

Steven Boyer, Assistant Principal, Riverside Intermediate


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