180 days of learning

180 days of learning

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Building a Future Together

November 12, 2012

Hi, I’m Ken Robinson who taught the entry level construction class at Plymouth High School.  We were very fortunate to use this amazing software called “Soft Plan” to design architectural prints for residential houses.  While using this program and the instruction they receive during class time, the students were engaged in a competition during the last school year to design the house plans for this year’s building trades home. We had 36 students compete in the competition designing their variations of twelve different house plans preselected by the Building Trades Advisory Board.

On several occasions, Mr. McKinnis, our Building Trades Instructor, came by our class room and looked over what the students had completed and made suggestions to them. Once their drawings were nearly completed I took them to the Building Trades Advisory Board meeting where a committee was established to review the prints and make a decision on the final selection.

One student, Jeremy Shidler, took the lead role in this process. Jeremy came in to continue working on these during his free time, SRT and Home Room. These plans were finished just in time for display at the annual Building Trades open house held each year near the end of May. Each attendee had the opportunity to view the plans for the next year’s home to be built. I know Jeremy was extremely proud to have his work on display, but I too was very excited to finally see something I had wanted to culminate for so many years.

Recently, Jeremy, Mr. McKinnis and I the opportunity to meet at this year’s home to review the construction that has been completed thus far. This was a great opportunity for Jeremy to see his plans turning into a real life structure. It was great walking through the house and discussing the construction and how it related to the prints he helped complete using our Soft Plan CAD program.

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Kennedy Robinson, has been involved with the Plymouth High School Vocational Building Trades program since its beginning in the summer of 1978. From the inception of the program, he has been involved in the planning and designing of the building prints for the homes the students construct each school year. It has always been his plan to have more student involvement in this process.


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