180 days of learning

180 days of learning

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Vex Robotics Team 5003

November 26, 2012

The Vex robotics team 5003, is a robotics based competition team that consist of Kennedy Schnieders and myself, Josh Kuhn.  Both of us are in 10th grade at Plymouth High School.  We share a passion and dedication to engineering and science.  That’s what inspires us to compete in these robotics competitions, and seek opportunities to excel both in and out of school.

Our robot’s name is Trinity II, or Singularity, as it’s commonly called between us.  We started the design process over the summer, when vex released the new competition. The main idea is to pick up as many sacks (Corn Hole style sacks) and deposit them in your trough as quickly as possible.  We used the same C.A.D. (Computer aided drafting) program as our P.L.T.W. (Project Lead the Way) course. Through extensive planning, and hours of brainstorming we derived at our first prototype.  Throughout those processes and along with the building process we used simple and complex math, that we learned from our classes, such as Physics, P.L.T.W. P.O.E. (Principles of Engineering) and I.E.D. (Introduction to Engineering & design), along with Geometry and Algebra II.   We used that math to calculate factors such as speed, torque, static supports, gear ratios, and much more.   After a few changes and revisions we went to our first official competition, in Zionsville.  After a day of competing, and not loosing a single round, we went into the tourney.  We were seeded third, and then clenched second place over all.

After the competition in Zionsville, we were able to see where revisions were necessary, such as with our lift and intake.  We have been working vigorously to improve our robot, for the next competition on Dec. 1st.  Then, we will travel to Jay county to compete on the 15th.  Our overall goal is to qualify and compete in the world  competition out in California.  Check back for more, on our robot, results, and cool science projects.

Josh Kuhn, 10th Grade, Plymouth High School


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