180 days of learning

180 days of learning

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by: Paula Neidlinger

(Did they learn?- YES!!!)

Recalling my 180 day blog post from day 2 of this school year………  “My role for the next 180 days was to orchestrate and facilitate 21st century learning, with the student at the helm as the explorer; walking into the classroom with the mindset of a learning catalyst was imperative today and every day for the next 178 days. I discovered quickly that a majority of my seventh grade students did not own the terms blogging and collaborating in their vocabulary repertoire, and the ideal of “global digital citizenship” was as abstract in nature as it professed to be. ”

What’s changed?………….Blogging and collaborating through on-line discussion forums is a daily expectation and is no longer an abstract thought or ideal.  I have constructed a class website/blog through Blogger, which is the vehicle I use for blogging, collaborating, celebrating, informing, instructing, sharing, and much more.  Students now recognize Digital Citizenship as the way to prepare themselves for a society full of technology.

What have I learned since the second day of school?…… how to construct a website/blog utilizing Blogger; how to incorporate Answer Garden as an exit reflection of learning; how to incorporate Todays Meet as a Do Now activity; how to utilize YouTube more effectively; how to construct a Google Earth Lit Trip; how to more effectively produce Pod-Casts using I-Movie and Quick Time Screen Recordings……..I am still learning!

…………..So, what have my students learned?  How do I know they’ve learned?

This blog is dedicated to the Inquiring Minds of Neidlinger’s 7th LA students…….

What did they learn this week?

TOPIC:  The Christmas Carol


Answer Garden- Exit-  exported to Wordle

( Did they learn?- YES!!)



Student responses to the “What did you learn today?” tab on the website- …….more responses on the website- CHECK THEM OUT!

I learned who Charles Dickens was. I honestly didn’t even know he existed really…….Corbin Slater

Over the past couple weeks, I have learned very much about Charles Dickens and his life. I have learned how to use Google Earth, and I have also learned how to pick out good information while using Google. I have become more aware of Charles Dickens’ book “A Christmas Carol” and why he wrote it. I have become aware and learned too much information about Charles Dickens to explain in words. I think Charles Dickens is a very expiring person and his story will live on for many decades to come……………..Emma Daniels

I learned how to make a Google Earth recording and how to make a Google Lit Trip…………. Hope Koontz

I learned what a Lit trip was, how to write a good summary, and how to use Google Earth…… Seth Brantley

I learned what Charles Dickens went through as a child. After his childhood of brutality he became successful. He was able to write books that changed society……….. Josh Hildebrand

I have learned a lot these past two weeks. I have learned all about Charles Dickens and A Christmas Carol and how they both have to do with the Industrial Revolution and the Victorian Era. I have also learned to use new technologies that I have never used before. I had never used Google Earth until this project, and now I am pretty good at it. I have also learned how to conduct a Webquest and finding information on Google. I have learned a lot these past weeks and I am glad we did this project. – Sydney Morris

What did I learn? I learned a lot, actually. I learned that Charles Dickens had an unfinished book when he died. I learned how to do a Lit Trip………… Hannah Lampier

I learned about Charles Dickens life and how to use Google Earth. In Google Earth I learned how to pin and mark locations; I also learned how to make a tour of the places I mark……… Owen Price

Over the last two weeks I have learned how to conduct a Web Quest. The Web quest helped me learn about the Victorian Era and the life of Charles Dickens. I also learned what his purpose was of writing The Christmas Carol……….Brisa Arriaga

I learned how to do a Google trip. I also learned about Charles Dickens and his life, that he worked in the work houses, and that his family was in debt. I also learned about the Industrial Revolution and Victorian Era and how people lived awhile ago. ……….. Emily Cochern

(Did they learn?- YES!!!)


These tours were constructed following an in-depth Web Quest through the Google Search process

Click on the following video– which is the first in a series on the playlist,

of Charles Dickens Google Earth Lit Tours To England

produced individually by each student.

(Did they learn?- YES!!!)



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