180 days of learning

180 days of learning

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Students helping students

December 9, 2012

When I am having homework trouble I can ask other students for help.



Elia: I can get help with my homework from other students.  If I didn’t understand an assignment in class, they can tell me exactly what was discussed because they were there in class with me.

Christine:  I feel very comfortable asking my teachers for help with an assignment but sometimes I like getting help from another student.  When I am having problems they usually know exactly what I not understanding.



Alfredo:  I like asking teachers for help but I also like asking students for help.  They both explain things in a way I can understand.

Jose:  If you need help with homework during ENL class or after school it is good to ask another student.  They can help you if they have time.  Students like to help each other.  They know exactly what you missed if you are out of class for a day.



Sarah: I like it when another student asks me for help with homework.  It helps me study too by having to explain math problems to another student.

Justin: I feel comfortable asking my friend for help with my math homework.  When she helps me, she encourages me to do better in math.  



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