180 days of learning

180 days of learning

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The Life of a Water Droplet

December 21, 2012

Water Drop Story

   I was just a little water drop beading on a spider web on a cold rainy day. The clouds were thick and no one was in sight, driven away by the frigid temperatures. After almost five hours of the cold dark stillness a beam of light poked through the clouds. The sun heated up the landscape sending rainbows calidiscoping through me and shedding light over the hills. As the temperature rose I felt myself shudder and start to rise into the sky. I had heard stories from elder raindrops of this what was it called… evaporation oh yes thats what it was. Rising further and further into the sky like I was going to meet the sun, oh how fun it was! Without warning though things once again became cold and frigid, I started to turn back into a water drop, oh dear how I would miss floating in the air freely. I soon saw other drops though. They were getting nearer! But why? We were all cramped together in the air the ground far below us, what was happening, why are we all here together. More and more drops began to gather and soon as if the sky could no longer hold us together we fell, and on my way down I heard someone mention how they would miss that cloud. So thats what was happening, a cloud. Slowly at first we fell one by one, to the earth below us. I saw the ground racing towards me. Oh dear how this is going to hurt! I smacked the ground with such force it rippled through my little droplet body. Then slowly without warning I sank, down down down into the earth just as other drops that had fallen with me were. I fought to stay on the surface to no avail. I just kept sinking and sinking when I met up with several other droplets. We all joined together in a small marching band and slowly resurfaced rolling down the side of a hill. We rolled down and down when a flood of droplets our small stream joined with this river and flowed out to a large pool of droplets. A city! No a County of drops just like me stretching as far as that horizon! And we sat there the cool winds blowing above us curling us into small and large waves, for days maybe weeks. Me and a few drops were just hanging out on a rock by the sea shore enjoying the beautiful sun as it shone down on us, when I started to feel myself vibrate and rise into the air, well here we go again.

Jessica Drury, 8th grader, Lincoln Junior High


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