180 days of learning

180 days of learning

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What’s up with the 5th grade Super Troopers?

January 17, 2013

In Mrs. C. Dennie’s math class we are learning how to convert percents, fractions, and decimals.  Another way to remember this is Dr. Pepper to your right and police department to your left, and the top number gets scared and jumps into the box.
* Percent to Decimal- move to the left.
* Decimal to Percent- move decimal to the right.
* Percent to Fractions- put over 100, then reduce OR divide numerator by denominator

Some of the fractions you try to convert get pretty hard.

⅓ is tricky because if you changed that into a decimal you would get .3333333333 and still be writing three’s until the day you die. So an easier way would be to put .3 (and draw a line above the three).   ⅔ is another tricky on that you try to change to a decimal. The answer that you get is .666666666. You can also change that to .6 repeating (draw a line above it).
In math class our favorite thing to learn is how we divide fractions. We do it by keep, multiply, flip. That means that you keep the first number the same, change the division sign to multiplication sign, then flip the second fraction to where the denominator on top and the numerator on the bottom. Our teacher had 3 students come up front.  She taped signs to their face and body. She kept the first then changed the division sign to a multiplication sign. Then she REALLY flipped a student over in air to show the flip part.

Here's our fractions before the last person got flipped upside down!!

Here’s our fractions before the last person got flipped upside down!!

We’ve also started using Twitter in the classroom. In the classroom we use Twitter to talk to some people and learn about them. Sometimes they reply back but some other times they are too busy and you might never hear back from them. So if they reply back you just might be a lucky one. In our classroom we have a Tweeter of the Week.  My amazing awesome teacher created a web site for use to type what we think we should say to them and then the Tweeter of the Week will pick the best ones and then copy and paste them to Twitter that my teacher created for our team, Super Troopers (@RISuperTroopers).

In science class we studied some green anole lizards. We talked about what they eat and what their body looks like. We got close up looks and everything. Sometimes she got the anole out and carried it around or she would let some of us classmates hold it. When we were done investigating then she would send out permission slips to take them home and the first few who brought the slips back in got to take one home. They are really cool to have as a pet.Image

In history class we do some projects and we read a lot and chart some things done. She gives us a few days to study everything and then sometimes we get a big common assessment. Sometimes when we do the projects we can work in partners.

We have a new thing that our teachers just added it is called Fun Friday. It is where you have a pink card and a blue card. The pink card stands for you get to take your computer home. The blue card stands for a Fun Friday. All you have to have is you blue card and one room is the fun room. It is from after recess to the end of the day. If you don’t have the blue card then you go to the other teacher’s room and do work.

At school they hold contests for everything. They let some kids team up and work. There is always prizes. We have contests about every week in our school. For an example we do one for Achieve3000. Each week if we have a great thought question and 75% or higher we get to put our name in a bucket down in the office. There are many people who give our school some coupons or something then they have us kids try to sell them. It helps our school and it helps the store or business.

Written by Emily LaFree, Makenzie VanVactor, and Mary Hildebrand. All are in Mrs. Dennie’s 5th grade class at Riverside Intermediate.


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