180 days of learning

180 days of learning

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MacBooks are Awesome

January 21, 2013

This is the first year we get our own MacBooks for school and we get to take them home every day except on the weekends. We’ve been using our MacBooks for almost all of our homework and for a lot of our classwork as well. Mrs. Dennie, our math and science teacher, uses My Big Campus all the time. She uses it to share ‘how to’ videos and educational games with us. We also do most of our math homework on My Big Campus. The good thing about homework on My Big Campus is it grades it right away so you know what grade you got, but the bad thing is Mrs. Dennie makes us redo it right away if we don’t do good. My Big Campus can also be used like Facebook, but don’t worry it is teacher run and watched over. I like being able to post statuses and chat with my friends on it.

We also use M.socrative.com almost every day. The teacher writes a question on the science board and we answer the question and discuss it on M.Socrative. There is a pass code on M.Socrative so only our class can see and talk about our answers. I like being able to see my answers up on the screen for all to see.

I personally like having the Mac book, it makes school and learning way easier. I really don’t like writing out my homework anymore and I get annoyed when we have to write stuff in other classes. I bet some kids use the Macs like they aren’t supposed to like to download and play games and some just keep music or movies on their computer. I used to do that kind of stuff but after the first time I got my computer taken away until I wrote sentences, I stopped doing it and only play games, music, and movies on my computer at home. I do that so I don’t get in trouble. I think the first week or two a bunch of kids got in trouble with their computers but once we learned we would get caught and the consequences really stink, most of us quit misbehaving and just use it as a digital textbook like we’re supposed to.

Written by Levi Johnson, 5th grade


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