180 days of learning

180 days of learning

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Playschool Helps Children Learn and Develop

January 25, 2013

Fun, learning and playing are all parts of a program that is hosted by the Plymouth High School Child Development class.   PHS hosts Playschool for children ages four and five to learn, play and interact with other children.

Photo By:  Janessa Salazar

Photo By: Janessa Salazar

Playschool is a class that provides a learning skill every week for these young children. Then for more entertainment, the class gathers into one big group in the middle of the class period to participate in an activity. They go to the gym to do exercises, learning to play with one another. The students that are involved in playschool have Mondays and Fridays to plan and review for the three days they have the children. Then during those three days, they have a lesson that they will learn for that week. Sophomore Jessica Celmer explains that a regular day at playschool is that they “come in and we do an activity, usually crafts. Then we do a lesson [for that week], afterwards  we do a game or snack, then an activity with the whole class.”

Playschool is a part of fifth and sixth hour classes in Mrs. McNeil’s room three days a week … read more

Photo by Jenessa Salazar

Photo by Jenessa Salazar

This is a blog post written by Janessa Salazar, a sophomore in Mary Gifford’s Journalism Class.  Janessa loves to write for no reason; its just something she loves to do.  It is even more exciting that her articles get published.  This full article about Mrs. McNeil’s Child Development Class can be found as a featured story in this week’s Pilgrim Perspective, the Plymouth High School’s online newspaper.  The Pilgrim Perspective link can be found on the Student Page of the corporation Website.


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