180 days of learning

180 days of learning

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Wow that was an awesome book! My friends and I were just looking at a very pretty book called Under The Sea. My friends and I were looking at these amazing pictures of sea creatures. The sea creatures we were looking at were sea crabs, jellyfish, and sharks. It was so amazing that we did a video about it. The first thing we are going to tell you is about the sea crabs. The sea crabs have that give them shelter to survive. The sea crabs have big claws to grab food to eat.
Under the Sea also had a section about jellyfish. Jellyfish have stingers on its tentacles to give it protection. The jellyfish has this jelly like skin that makes it nice and smooth.
The final part of Under the Sea was about sharks. Many sharks have have sharp teeth to rip it’s prey to shreds. It also has amazing sense of smell. When a person is bleeding the shark can detect the blood from a miles away. I hoped you liked the video, I know we enjoyed making it.


We’re Under the Sea

February 1, 2013

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