180 days of learning

180 days of learning

You can scroll the shelf using and keys

Yes, You Can!

February 11, 2013

Imagine not having the strength to hold a pencil or the energy to learn because your body shuts down. The mental strength is going strong but the physical strength is diminishing rapidly. As a Special Education teacher, I have experienced meeting several students who have the mental motivation to keep learning for hours but the physical strength weakens them of that ability. Those students are the ones who truly never want to give up and will do anything to keep trying no matter how weak or tired. With those students, technology has given them the opportunity to keep going, keep trying, and keep learning.

As a teacher, I have been able to use technology in many ways in my classroom. Students are able to use Ipads to read stories, engage in literacy games, and practice letter sounds or recognition. Not only are the students engaging in those activities, they are also able to draw, display, and share what they know in small group. Students may think they are playing games or drawing pictures, when in fact, they are engaged in literacy activities that reinforce areas that they struggle in. It is amazing to see what once a student struggled with is being mastered at the tips of their fingers.

One student in particular, who is my inspiration for using technology as an educational tool, has weak fine motor skills. They have the will power stronger than any student I have but the physical strength that limits their ability. Using the Ipad has allowed this student to drop the pencil; which was a very hard task, and write, spell, and show me what they are capable of without using as much energy. It is so rewarding to see how students overcome challenges through technology and see the happiness of their success.



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