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180 days of learning

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PBL Project-Documentaries

February 12, 2013

Students completed a PBL unit, for Mrs. McKenzie’s 7th grade language arts class, after reading The Christmas Carol during the 2nd nine weeks.  The driving question was:  How have the changes that occurred in our country during and since the Industrial Revolution affected your life as a teenager in Plymouth?  Students also had to incorporate how Ebenezer Scrooge dealt with conflict during the Industrial Revolution and how he affected other peoples’ lives.

Here are the responses about the project from the five students in the video.

Alli A.

I thought this experience was good because I got to work with my friends.  We had a great time working with each other.  We did disagree sometimes, but we were able to work through things and agree.  One bad thing was that we didn’t have enough time to complete the project with the due date we were given.  Even though we had two weeks of class time to work on our project, we needed more time to work around our schedules and be able to film outside of school to be more creative with the documentary.  Mrs. McKenzie gave us an extension, though.  This project helped me learn a lot about the Industrial Revolution and life today.  I learned how lives have changed a lot from back then to today.

Lizz L.

I think this experience was good!  Working in a group was hard sometimes, though. The project helped me learn a lot about the Industrial Revolution! It helped me learn that without the Industrial Revolution we would not have all the technology we do today.  This would especially make it harder to learn today because we do everything on laptops!

Loren M.

This was my favorite project I have done this year, and there have been quite a few. While doing this, I had the best group helping me out, along with the most easy going-awesomeness teacher possible. She knew what to do and when to do it.  We couldn’t have done it without her when dealing with issues we encountered.  Before we started we were kind of stressed out with the limited time.  In the end, Mrs. McKenzie gave OUR GROUP extra time to do A GOOD job on our project instead of a ~blah~ project.  After doing the project I learned that if not for the Industrial Revolution and the guy that brought it to America, we would probably not have HALF as much technology as we have today! THANKS MRS. MCKENZIE, FOR EVERYTHING!

Grace M.

Over the past two weeks my group and I were working on a project about the Industrial Revolution. Never before have I realized how fortunate I am to have the life I have now.  A kid’s life back then was so different than my life is now. I go to school, I go home, and then I eat. I have so much more than they ever did. They worked long, rigorous hours in a factory and came home to hardly anything. I feel that my group and I made a real connection to life back then. This project taught us how hard life was back then and how different our lives are now.

Karen P.

My experience from the Industrial Revolution project was really fun and I learned a lot. I learned how to listen to other people’s ideas because they might not always be how you imagine it.  I know how to communicate better with others.  I now know how hard things were back then.  Some people were very poor and very few people were rich.  Life isn’t always how you imagine it.  I had so much fun with Allie, Grace, Loren, and Lizz.  We always corrected each other on things when we did something wrong.  They were so funny.  It took us a lot of time to finish the movie, but it was worth it.  I got to know the girls a lot more.  They weren’t how I thought they were.  I had a very fun experience with the girls and the project.  My life has changed a lot since the Industrial Revolution came a long.  I now know to not take things for granted.  You have to work for them.  Your parents work for the money they get. Things aren’t always free.  Kids as young as five used to work during the Industrial Revolution because their parents needed them to help pay bills and feed the family.  Now, there is a law that protects kids from working at a young age.  Our economy is much better today than it was during the Industrial Revolution. There are more possibilities in life now than there used to be, and this is because of the Industrial Revolution.  I thank all the people that made that happen.


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