180 days of learning

180 days of learning

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1st Grade President Presentations

April 1, 2013 ,

IMG_05821st Graders Group Research Project
Students were placed in groups and had to chose one president to research together and find facts.  With only being told to research and having a basket of books available to them.  Students researched via google searches and with books.  They learned how to look for specific details that are important and work together in the process.  What was especially interesting was that while students searched google for information on their president, they found that when they clicked on videos, they got cool videos to watch.  Some of the terms and word usage is extensive with a research project like this, so the videos were perfect!  They collaborated and showed each other how to find specific videos.  After gathering their facts and information, they created one educreation to show what they know about their president, what they learned, some facts and their opinion.  This required them to designate specific jobs and duties to get the final product in a timely, organized manner.  They did amazing!
Students wanted to orally present their information, so that they did as well!  So, we invited family and friends in to watch as students presented their information and then we showed their educreation.
The students loved researching and can’t wait until the next topic!

Erica McIntire, 1st Grade Teacher @ Webster Elementary

Follow her class on Twitter!! https://twitter.com/McintiresClass

Check out their class blog!!  http://kidblog.org/MrsMcIntiresClass/


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