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180 days of learning

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April 2, 2013



Students in Mrs. Neidlinger’s 7th Language Arts classes began their official “Blogging Challenge” the first week of March.  Students have created their own Digital Identities through on-line portfolios and blogs.  The challenge will continue for ten weeks.

What is the challenge about?

The challenge is about getting students to blog and develop a world wide audience while doing so, rather than just having their teacher and classmates look at their work.  Additionally, students “Tweet” out their newly created posts each week- gaining more audience participation.

How can a class be involved?

Your class can be involved as a class blog or each student with their own blog can be involved in the student section of the challenge.  We have a class website/blog in which all individual student blogs are linked.

How will students be engaged?

aWriting weekly blog posts based on the pre-set challenge:

b.  Commenting:

  • own commenting guidelines
  • comparing comments
  • replying to comments
  • commenting habits after eight weeks of the challenge
  • visiting posts from overseas students and classes to leave comments

c.  Non written posts:

  • comic
  • quiz
  • poll
  • images only
  • using embed code for links in comments and widgets

d.  Blog presentation:

  • creating avatars
  • about page
  • translation widget
  • weather widget
  • creating blogroll
  • adding badges
  • clustrmap
  • using tags and categories


**Today’s guest bloggers are James Rains and Anna Hite.  They have included their websites.  Please take the time to visit their sites, sign their guestbooks, and leave a comment!


This blogging challenge, and regular blogging, has been pretty hard work. The blog creating was the easiest, I think, for me. When we got into the challenges it started to get harder and harder. I was being thrown into some

thing that I have never seen before. I learned how to use HTML, Hypertext Markup Language, and how to copy and edit them. This has been a very challenging contest. Learning the HTML was not the only thing that I had to learn. I had to learn how to design, post, use pages, gadgets, and how to use blogger. My teacher, Mrs.

Neidlinger, has taught us how to use them and work them into our blog. I have learned so much through this blogging challenge. I did a lot of hard work that paid off. That is my experience with the new blogger.

Additionally, I have not been the only blogger throughout this whole challenge. I have visited people in Trinidad, Australia, Europe, Belgium, and Spain. They all seemed to enjoy this blogging challenge, too! So have I.  It has been fun also. We get to have freedom in our challenges such as: who would I like to meet dead or alive and what am I passionate about the most? I found that this challenge was easy for me because I choose everything I write down. If you visit other blogs, they show enthusiasm, courage, and sometimes humorous stories. This is what the blogging challenge has been about this whole time- having fun.

Check out my blog!

James Rain


During the past nine weeks, my 7th grade Language Arts has been competing in an International Blogging Challenge. This Challenge is where we can blog. This blogging activity consists of us blogging with students around the world. The challenge is about getting students to blog and develop a worldwide audience while doing so, rather than just having their teacher and classmates look at their work. This can increase the students grammar and their ability to write when they get older.

During past three weeks, we have been blogging. We get certain challenges to do. For example, the first challenge was who would you like to meet in your life. We had to list 10 people, alive or dead. Challenge 2 consisted of us talking about anything.  I did Gaga ball. I talked about what Gaga ball is and a picture of it. Now people around the world can try it. That’s how we get things around the world for people to know about. In Challenge 3, we had to be creative. We had to explain the ways you would use a sock with holes in them. We had to put 10 things that you could make a sock out of. These challenges continue for many weeks.

Now, since starting this challenge, people around the world will know our blogging sites. As well, we can go to other students’ blogs and comment on what we think about their site. Now, since you learned all of this, do you think you should blog? Are you bad at grammar, well blogging is there to help!

Check out my blog!

Anna Hite



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