180 days of learning

180 days of learning

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Let’s Blog- Part II

April 3, 2013




Students in Mrs. Neidlinger’s 7th Language Arts classes began their official “Blogging Challenge” the first week of March.  Students have created their own Digital Identities through on-line portfolios and blogs.  The challenge will continue for ten weeks.

In yesterday’s blog, I explained the objectives of the International Blogging Challenge, how classes can be involved, and how students are engaged. Today, let’s take a look at the four challenges so far…….and hear from two more students.  You can read all of the student websites via our class website-

Neidlinger LA  7 – (click on the link)

class site  

…..and through our class Twitter
(click on the link)



Challenge 1 – Who am I?

Challenge about the number 10

If you could meet 10 people, alive or dead, who would they be? Make a list of the people and include one question you would ask them in an interview. You cannot repeat the same question.


Challenge 2 – First week of freedom

This week you have freedom to choose what you write about. You might be very passionate about something and want to write a post on that topic. It might be:

  • minecraft
  • embroidery
  • a particular singer or band – dare I say One Direction
  • music
  • astronomy
  • collecting coins
  • book reviews
  • geology
  • traveling
  • history
  • genealogy – that would be my topic of passion
  • etc, etc, etc

Your choice!  Make sure you introduce your topic, include a link to another website relating to that topic and if possible, a picture you have taken relating to your passion.

Now not everyone is passionate about something so I will include a few other choices you might like to post about.


Challenge 3 – Get creative

Challenge with number 10

I have just finished washing my clothes and found one sock that is now full of holes. I can’t use it as a sock, but list 10 other ways I could use the sock.

Think creatively. Remember to leave a link in your post back to this post.


Challenge 4 – Using images in posts

Can you use any image on the internet?

No you can’t.

You can use images that are creative commons where the owner has given you permission to use the image as long as you include attribution. Here is a chart about the different licenses for images. There are many websites and search tools on the web for finding images that are creative commons. Some of these give you the attribution in an easy format as well.

 Activity relating to the number 10

Put together an animoto, slideshow, poster, collage, thinglink, etc… on a theme using 10 images you have found eg Animals at the zoo. Remember to add attribution as an image at the end of the animoto or slideshow. Include attribution with each image on your collage or poster.



**Today’s guest bloggers are Seth Brantley and Jennifer Quintana.  They have included their websites.  Please take the time to visit their sites, sign their guestbooks, and leave a comment!

I have learned a lot from participating in the Student Blogging Challenge.  For example, I learned many details you can add to your blog.  I learned how to add widgets.  I had no idea how to use  widgets.  Many of the widgets are very cool and interesting.  I also learned that many people around the world are doing the student blogging challenge.

I learned from some student blogs that their high school is called college and their college is called university.  I found that pretty cool because a college and university are both in the same category over here. I also learned some of the countries time zones.  I learned that most of the countries that we blog with sleep while we are posting, and we sleep while they are blogging back.

I also learned the main purposes of a blog.  I thought a blog was just about having a place where you can tell what is on your mind or just a place where you can express your feelings.  I did not know getting many viewers was a big factor.  I knew that you wanted viewers for your blog, but I didn’t that was one of the main factors.  I also learned how interesting and fun a blog can be.

Before the Student Blogging Challenge, I didn’t know much about a blog.  Then I started doing it, and it is quite fun.  That is what I learned about the Student Blogger Challenge.

Check out my Blog!!!

Seth Brantley

What I learned through this Blogging Challenge is how to get to the various websites to find other student blogs. I also learned how to blog with other students. I learned how to underline a word and add the link. I also learned how to start the post when I want to do my Blog Challenge. I learned how to use the blog more since we are doing the Challenge. I learned how to add the blogging Challenge badge to my blog.

I have learned lots of things since we started the Blogging Challenge.  I also think that the blogging challenge is really fun. I think that the Blogging Challenge is really easy for me. I also learned what I can use a sock for if its full of holes. (Challenge 3)

I have learned lots of things. Every day we are learning new things due to the blog, for example the website the thinglink this past week.

Check out my blog!

Jennifer Quintana


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