180 days of learning

180 days of learning

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Autism Awareness Month

April 12, 2013

autism-symbol-ribbon-white-backgroundApril is autism awareness month!  It’s the one month out of the year when we focus on autism in the media, in our schools, and our communities. Let us not forget that autism awarness does not happen just in April.  For the people with autism and their families, autism awareness is everyday.

Last year during April our students at Lincoln Junior High and Plymouth High School took on a poster and bulletin board project  titled “10 plus things we want people to know about Autism”,  The idea came from a book titled “Ten Things People With Autism Want You to Know”. It was the consensus of our social skills group that there are alot more than ten things people need to know about autism.  Last year we posted our findings all over the schools.  This year we have a different theme  “Embracing Differences” .  To embrace those differences, we need to remember what our students in Plymouth, Indiana feel is important to know about Autism Spectrum Disorder, so I felt it appropriate to list those ten plus things, Plymouth students identified as important to autism awareness.

1.  “I need help building on what I can do! Not what I can’t do!”

2.  ” I am not stupid! I have a different way of learning!  I can learn!

3.  “I am a concrete thinker!”

4. “My brain becomes overloaded easily when I have more than one task to complete!  I need help organizing!”


6. ” I have trouble meeting deadlines because my brain cannot break tasks down and organize them in a sequencial order. Therefore it takes more time to complete my work.”

7 “I CAN’T HURRY!”, ” My brain shuts down when I am told to hurry.”

8. “I am a visual learner.”

9.  “My sensory perspectives are disordered!,”  ” I need sensory work to help me organize my brain to remain calm and focussed.”

10. “Triggers and meltdowns are even more horrible for me than you!”

11.  “I don’t hear with my eyes!” , “I am listening although I do not give eye contact ”

12.   “I need modifications because my brain does not process like everyone else”.

13.  “I need to role play to help me understand text and act socially appropriate!”

14. “Help me with social interactions. I don’t mean to be rude – teach me how to socialize with others.”

15.  “My brain does not process too many words at one time.  I have a limited vocabulary.”

During April some of our students will be blogging on the 180 days of learning, please return to read their blogs.  They will learn from writing the blogs and you will learn from them – that’s autism awareness.

Penny Hines, JESSE Autism Consultant


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What a wonderful way to help others understand! Especially the “I CAN’T HURRY!” is great to explain to so many who just do not understand! Thanks so much for ALL you do!

Mrs. Uyhelji

April 12, 2013

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