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Come “Tweeting” With Us!!

May 10, 2013 , , , , , , ,

Come “Tweeting” With Us

by:  Paula Neidlinger


(Priceless reaction to a “Tweet” they had just posted)

Thursday night #Inelearn “Tweet-Ups” inspired my Call of the Wild- “Tweet-Up” this past Wednesday.

Twitter “Tweet-Ups” each week have enabled me to build a strong network with educators throughout the state of Indiana and understand the power of social media professionally. Before integrating any social media into the classroom, it’s crucial that we as educators, understand its power and even limitations. Teaching the responsible usage of social media is imperative, if tools such as Twitter are going to be utilized as part of the “real world” learning process in the classroom.

“Come “Tweeting” With Us” – What did Wednesday’s “Tweet-Up” encompass?

Each class participated in three rounds. Each round consisted of 1 question in which students had 7 minutes to ‘tweet’ back and forth utilizing our class hashtag- #Neidlingerla7
Q1: The survival of the fittest is still operating in our society.
Q2: Within every creature, including man, there are still primitive urges that come to the surface.
Q3: It is both human and animal nature to seek power and dominance over others.
I utilized TweetDeck as my platform, which enabled me to schedule out the questions, in advance, simultaneously throughout the day at exact times. This also gave me the flexibility to move throughout the classroom prompting higher-level thinking as students ‘tweeted’ feverishly. Before the start of the event, I invited other students, teachers, and classrooms to join in the ‘tweet-up’- utilizing hashtags such as #globalclassroom, #TEAMLJH, #PCSCelearning, and #Inelearn.   At the conclusion of the ‘tweet-up,’ I constructed a Storify- ‘Sound of the Call’ . I promoted and posted it to Twitter and to our class website and our Call of the Wild website.
Twitter in the Classroom- How have we utilized Twitter this semester?

Earlier this semester we established a classroom Twitter Account #Neidlingerla7.  Additionally, all students were invited to set up their own Twitter account. We have utilized this social media tool in many ways this semester including the following:
*  Announcements – I have used our class account to post information regarding projects, deadlines, activities, and newsworthy world events.
*  Promoting Class Blogs and ePortfolios- Students have utilized Twitter as a promotional tool for updates to their blogs and ePortfolios.  Additionally, Twitter has proven to be a viable source in promoting updates to their student International Blogging Challenge posts during the last ten weeks.
*  Book Study- We just participated in our first book study of Call of the Wild, by addressing three main themes through a “Tweet-Up.”
*  WebQuest /Reasearch During a recent WebQuest, a group of students constructed their own Twitter Account as a vehicle to showcase their research #WomeninTheYukon
*  Blogging and Debate- Twitter is yet another source for creating on-line discussions between students. We have utilized Twitter as a platform for expressing opinions and supporting arguments based on evidence.

Modeling is the key to success in utilizing any social media tool in the classroom. The power of the tool can be misused if we do not teach the responsible use of these 21st Century Tools.
Paula Neidlinger


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