180 days of learning

180 days of learning

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If You Give a Child a Chance

May 30, 2013

Written by Miss Garrity’s 4th Grade Class

If you give a child a chance, he’ll probably ask you to read him a story.  He’ll like the story so well he’ll want to you to teach him to read.  When he learns to read, he’ll want to read many different kind of books.  He’ll probably become curious about the world around him and will begin to ask a lot of questions.  After he has read many books, he will want to learn how to write.  After he learns how to write, he’ll probably want to write a story.  After he writes a story, he will want people to read it.  Since he wants people to read his story, he sells it.  Once his story starts to be sold, he decides he wants to travel the world.  He travels the world and spends the money he made from selling his story writing more stories.  The more stories he writes, the more money he earns.  When he earns more money, he’ll probably use his money to build a library to help give other children a chance.  He will probably begin by teaching other children how to read.  By teaching them how to read, he is giving them a chance.

One of the children that was given a chance grew up to love to read so much that she became a librarian so that she too could read to children.  By reading to children, she was giving a child a chance to use their imagination.  She will probably read a book about space and one of those children will become curious and want to learn more.  He will want to travel to the world he has been reading about, and he probably will grow up to become an astronaut. After his time in space is up, he will probably visit a classroom to tell of his adventures.  He will probably tell them how he once had an adult give him a chance.  The teacher of that class will probably be inspired by his story, and chose to follow her dream of publishing her poetry.  Encouraged by the children in her class, she will probably write a book of poetry that shows when given a chance, the opportunities for your future are as vast as space.  In giving all of these children chances, chances are they too will give a child a chance.  Will you give a child a chance?


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